Water Dispenser A Guide for the Potential Buyers

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Published: 24th January 2011
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Water dispenser is a machine used for dispensing water of different temperature. You can get chilled water, boiled water and water at normal room temperature. The dispenser is connected to water channel to dispense the water. The machined are inbuilt to chill the water, hot the water or to keep it in normal temperature. You are not required to anything manually. You have to just pull the hook to dispense the water. Water dispensers units are available in two forms: bottled water dispenser and bottle-less water dispenser.

Bottled water dispenser: In bottled dispenser, a water bottle or gallon is placed at the neck of the dispenser. Water is then dispensed by pulling the dispenser hook or by dispensing button. These water cooler dispensers are used mainly in offices and organization. It is mainly for official use. However, you can also see these dispensers in restaurants. You can purchase the gallon of mineral water from market to fit in the dispenser.

Bottle-less water dispenser: In bottle-less water dispenser, machine for filtration of water is also given besides water cooler system and water heating system. These dispensers are plumbed with the existing water line. Water is first purified and then dispensed. It is for domestic use or big organization where changing of bottle for bottled dispenser is not possible.

Water dispenser is a must keep machine. People should always drink pure water. In manual dispenser, there is chance of contamination and in the dispenser there is no chance of contamination. You can get pure water for your healthy life.

If you are planning to buy a dispenser then you must consider the place for which you are buying. It is viable to buy bottled dispenser for small office, small business, small restaurant, beauty parlor, education institutes, etc. If you are looking for a water cooler dispenser for a big organization, home, college, hostel, etc then bottle-less water dispenser will work well.

Always buy a dispenser of a known branded. The company must provide service after the sale. You should look at the power consumption of the machine. Consider the size of the dispenser. Water dispensers are available in various shape and size. You can explore the market to find a right water cooling machine for your place. You should also focus on the warranty period of the machine before buying. You should ask for demo from the company. The professional will arrive at your place to give demo.

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